[SOLVED] Geography of Africa

Choose one of the following prompts: 1. Hominids emerged as frail scavengers on the savannas of Africa, and humans now dominate the earth’s systems. In broad terms, describe the five stages of human evolution and how the way that hominids or people lived was influenced by the environment and technology (such as stone tools, etc.) . 2. In broad strokes, described the major external factors that affected Africa after 1200, and how does Africa live with the legacy of these today? 3. Comment on how humans interact with the environment in Africa, mentioning farming, deforestation, desertification and urban life. What do you think are the major challenges? 4. Describe how agricultural practices and human livelihoods in Africa vary with climate. Thinking critically, can we resolve poverty through farming (i.e. is agricultural development an oxymoron?). 5. Describe the differences between wildlife conservation approaches in North America (public good) and southern Africa (sustainable use/governance approach). Should Africa encourage hunting and the trade in wildlife? Make your case either way. I have PowerPoint with a lot information regarding the essay if need be. also, if you just put the essay prompt that you choose on the top of the essay that would be amazing. 561-400-6734 is my number if you need anything.

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[SOLVED] Geography of Africa
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