[SOLVED] Latin American history

History is very important in life of any person. It helps to build future life, and besides taking into consideration the mistakes of previous experience it is easier to avoid wrong steps in future. Having attended this course I’ve got a definite attitude to the history of US.The second part of the XX century became the epoch of essential renovation of historical science in the USA. The development of American historiography was ambiguous, and the attempts of representative use of historical knowledge in policy were not unsuccessful. Though in general this period is characterized by the formation of the new branches of historical science: Latin American history (Chicano history), Slavic history, and the history if international relationship.Speaking about the Chicano interpretation of history it is worth mentioning that the USA is a multi-cultural country and that is why many approaches to the historical sciences are acceptable.The Chicano trend in historiography is relatively new and is frequently developing now. Here I would like to mention the concept of transculturation and to cite some words of Octavio I. Romano1:“U.S. “acculturation” has its deepest roots in the comparatively homogenous, expansionist, empire-oriented upper-class imperial echelons of Anglo-British-Germanic culture. As such, it is an extension of a conqueror culture.On the other hand, in Mexican anthropology the principal concept of culture change is “transculturation.” This concept holds that culture change is a bi-cultural, multi-linear and synthesizing process in which the ultimate end is the incorporation of cultural differences while the original forms pursue their own multi-cultural diversity.”In fact the history of the USA was started by the European invasions. North America was invaded by the Europeans from England, France and Germany while South America was invaded by Spain. So it is possible to see that the USA is made up of different nationalities. Besides it is possible to observe an active migration process in the US. To my mind the main thing to understand for every citizen of this country is that their country is really multicultural. In my opinion it is the aim of this course.Chicano problem has a lot to do with discrimination process in the US. If to analyse the historical studies we’ll see that a lot of positive events in history were conducted by white people, while Chicanos and people of other nationalities are an integral part of this process.The course had a great impact on my attitude towards the history of the US. It helped me to understand that our country is a country of contrasting cultures and rich in traditions and customs.Works citedOctavio I. Romano-V., Ph.D., The Chicano movement in history, Copyright 1995 TQS Publications, http://clnet.ucla.edu/research/chihist.

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[SOLVED] Latin American history
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