[SOLVED] The Origins Of A Civil Society

When Rousseau wrote, ” Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains” the institution of slavery was widely practiced and justified by many authorities. Today slavery has been generally abolished. How is this statement relevant to people’s condition in society now? What are some ways in which people relinquish their independence or freedom?  You will answer the question, fully, in essay format. Structuring your essay: Introduction Establish the context for the argument. Explain the need for analyzing this topic or idea. Present the essay’s main point. Present the essay’s thesis statement. Body Paragraphs Topic sentences linking back to and supporting the thesis statement. Evidence Provide a short summary of the work. (This should be no more than one brief paragraph.) Other evidence supporting the thesis statement: Facts, statistics, expert opinions, charts, graphs, scientific findings, etc. Refutation of Opposing arguments. Address questions about or objections to the information. Consider and reject other possible meanings, if any. Acknowledging opposing arguments. Using the opposing argument to re-strengthen the thesis statement’s position. Conclusion Reinforce the thesis statement. Reinforce the evidence presented. Concludes with final thoughts on the information. Must be strong and reinforce everything you have argued in your essay. Works Cited You must have a works cited page.

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[SOLVED] The Origins Of A Civil Society
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