term paper for human research economic

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term paper for human research economic
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The term paper should be between 10 and 20 pages in length and follow this structure:

Question / Problem Definition:

In this section you should outline the topic for the paper and ask a specific question. Please remember that I do not want a descriptive paper but rather one that answers a question.


In this section of the paper you should analyze the information that you have collected. State both sides of the argument and make sure that you are treating the subject objectively.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

In this section make sure you answer the question from the first section, that the analysis in the third section supports your answer and that your answer is definitive. Make sure that you make at least two practical recommendations.


Clearly list all reference materials.


Any word that appears in the “<xxxx>” brackets be more specific, e.g. you may change <geography> to “the United States”.

Are unions <type> still relevant and practical in the <geography> labour market?

The prevalence of unions in some labour markets has fallen after a peak period of effectiveness for the workers they represent. In this paper you would consider whether or not unions can maintain or improve the effectiveness of their advocacy for labour. Recommendations could be help unions become more effective or to help employers limit the power of unions. (Choose one or the other.)

Consider the type of union and the location. Terms like “relevant” and “practical” are subjective and should be defined in your paper’s introduction.

Is there wage rate discrimination <type of discrimination> in the <sector> <when>?

Employers may favour workers from one demographic group over workers from another demographic group. For example, females or members of a religion may experience wage rate discrimination. In this paper you would document and measure the amount of discrimination for a group of workers and suggest solutions to minimize the problem.

Define the wage rate discrimina


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